Date: 30th April 2017
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Hope House Babies Home is based in Nairobi, capital city to the East African country of Kenya. Originally started as a project in April 2002, by Australian Christian missionaries, Pastors Glen and Robert Bruce of African Growth Ministries whilst they served in Africa, Hope House has grown from providing a loving home for just 2 babies to now caring for up to 20 babies, all of whom have either been abandoned, orphaned of given up for adoption. Pastors Glen and Bruce have now returned to Westers Australia

To date of the 190 babies we have cared for since opening the home, 163 have been placed in families, and all but 15 to Kenyans. We have placed 6 in homes for older children because they were not adopted from Hope House by the age of 3 years. Each child has adapted well to their new 'family'.

Hope House is registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs in Kenya under the name of 'Hope House Babies Home' although it receives no government support its financed entirely by donations.

Our Mission and Objectives

• Hope House Babies Home exists for the purpose of providing a safe haven for abandoned and babies offered for adoption

• Our objectives are to care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of these babies and to place them into good families via adoption.

Since its foundation, Hope House has been located in a beautiful rented property. However in June 2008, the property was sold to developers and with just 1 month notice, the staff together with 20 babies and toddlers, were instructed to leave. At the last minute suitable temporary accommodation was found for everyone, but the logistics of achieving a safe and complete relocation was no mean feat! The new rented property is currently undergoing a large amount of maintenance to make it suitable, with the babies and toddlers having to live around this. In the medium to long term, our aim is to purchase a large plot of land and build a purpose designed facility to fully cater for the children's needs including a medical clinic and school building.
Farewell to Susan

After over 9 years at Hope House, we are all very sad to say goodbye...

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Hope House celebrates 10 years!

We have come a long way since opening in 2002 with just 2 babies...

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Happy New Year!!
Wishing all friends of Hope House Babies Home a happy and joyous...

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